Helping Hands is an organization in York which was originally chartered to help homeless vets. While they continue to help vets in many ways, their Saturday night meal program is available to anyone.

Organizations in several counties participate by taking one or more weekends a month. They purchase and prepare the food to feed approximately 300 people. The intent is to provide a hot meal for Saturday night, which should include the main course, condiments, dessert, drink and paper supplies. Also a bagged lunch for Sunday, including a sandwich, chips, cookies, fruit and a drink.

Our congregation will be forming several committees to make this a manageable task. For example, volunteers will be needed to purchase items, request donations of items, pickup the items, bake desserts and place in sandwich bags, assist with making ham and cheese sandwiches, assist with making the main course, compiling the lunches, and finally preparing and serving the people.

If you are interested in participating, contact Val Aubry, Committee Chair, at, (717) 314-2420 (cell) or complete the form below.

Thank you to the 2018 supporters of Helping Hands!